The Dark Horse(Songwriting Challenge)

This track was a game/challenge between myself and my roommate. We picked the title of a random movie on Itunes and that became the name of the song we needed to create. The title became Dark Horse. Also we picked 10 words from a word generator and we needed to include as many as possible in the song. 

The words were.. Epitaph,Contemplation,Disaster,Feverish,Solitary,Unstable,Orchestra,Lunatic,Optimistic.Swiftly. 

Last but not least we picked the chords we needed to use for the verse,pre-chorus, and chorus. The only thing left between us was to write our own set of lyrics, create the melody and fill in the production. The chord relationships were as follows. 

Verse- I,III,VI Prechorus- IV,I,II Chorus-I,III,VI,IV w/Descending Bass