Resume and Credits


Professional Positions

Manager of Dandelion Music Group-2018

Manager of Project Wild Country Development Program – 2017
Program Manager of Alberta Music – 2017
Owner of Jesse Northey Productions – 2012 – Present
Studio Manager at Edmontone Studio (2015-2016)
Producer for Mix Tape Club (Tape Subscription Music Service) – 2014-2015
Manager at Esper Records- 2011-2013
Production Coordinator at CKXU- 2009 – 2013
Jamboree Coordinator for University of Lethbridge Fresh Fest – 2012-2013
Co-Festival Planner for Swig of Alberta Traveling Music Festival – 2012
Co-Festival Planner for Magnetic South Festival – 2011

Successful Grant Applications
FACTOR – Juried Sound Recording
Edmonton Arts Council – Individual Project Grant
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Education Grant
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Marketing Grant
FACTOR – Showcase Grant
Harvard Broadcasting – Alberta Music Domestic Tour Grant
Harvard Broadcasting – Alberta Music Showcase Grant
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Marketing Grant
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Individual Project Recording Grant

Canada’s Music Incubator – Artist Manager Program – 2016
University of Lethbridge – Bachelor of Music (Digital Audio Arts) D – 2013
Pro tools 101 Certificate – 2012


Album Credits

Major Love – “Major Love” – Co-producer, Recording Engineer – 2018

Jesse and the Dandelions – “Give Up The Gold” Co-Producer/Mixer – 2018

The Utilities – “Heavy South” – Co-producer, Recording Engineer – 2018

The Betrayers – “12 Songs To Haunt You” – Engineer,Co-Producer – 2017

Diamond Mind – “Heavy Metal Sunshine” – Engineer,Co-Producer – 2016

Nick Dehod – “Out of Sight” – Engineer, Producer, and Mixer – 2016
Soft Violence – “Beneath A Wounded Moon” – Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Mark Times and the New Romans “So It Goes EP” Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Braden Gates “Album/Month Project” – Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Jesse and the Dandelions – “True Blue ” Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Consillience – “Under Our Beds” – Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Sparkleblood – “Denim Tape ” Engineer,Mixer – 2016
Swear By The Moon “Self Titled” Engineer,Mixer – 2016
Rob Heath “The Key” Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Reid Maul “Simplicity” – Engineer, Mixer – 2015
Tyler Butler and His Handsome Friends – Engineer, Mixer, and Producer – 2015
Diamond Mind – “Blank Tape EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Doug Hoyer – “Dream Life” Engineer, Mixer, and Producer – 2015
Brother Prussia – “Self Titled” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Eva Foote – “Sparrow and Stone EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Arianna Brophy – “Ink and Water EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Robbie Shiriff – “The Northey Sessions” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Ella Coyes and Jasper Smith – “Soon the Wind Came” Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Consilience “Walking Through a Dead Night EP” Engineer, Mixer – 2014
Betrayers “Love Rat 7” Engineer,Mixer 2014
Casper Hollands “Puzzle of Dreams” Engineer, Mixer – 2014
Doug Hoyer “Blood Donair” Engineer,Mixer, and Producer – 2014
Young Apothecary “A Thin Place” Engineer,Mixer, and Producer – 2014
Peer Support “View” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
We Were Friends  “Let Them Howl” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
The Ashley Hundred’s “Postcards From The Moon” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
Zachariah and The Prophets “Goodnight Icarus” – Engineer and Mixer- 2014
Norwegian Blue Records “Windy Rock” – Mastering Engineer – 2014
Wolf Teeth’s “Self Titled” – Engineer and Mixer – 2014
Mormon Girls “The Farm Sessions”- Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Jesse and the Dandelions “A Mutual Understanding”Producer,Engineer,Mixer- 2013
Local Haunt’s “Self Titled” EP- Additional Engineering and Mixer- 2013
The Yeah Dads “Demand Fun” Engineer, and Mixer- 2013
The Ruby Plumes “Twirling T’wards Freedom” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Ruby Plume’s “Self Titled 7 Inch” Engineer and Mixer – 2013
Amy Bronson’s “Grizzly Bear Heart” Engineer, Mixer, and Producer- 2013
Kilgore Trout “From Tralfamadore with Love” – Engineer and Mixer – 2013
Peer Support’s “Far From Here” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Windigo’s “Rhombus” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Eric Drader’s “Rebirth” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Todd Robinson’s “The Other One” Mixer- 2013
Windigo’s “Retrospectrum” Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Redrum Triumph’s “Exhibit A” Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Lowell Van Carroll and the Insufficient Funds – Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Liam Faucher’s “Blizzard Fist” Engineer and Mixer -2012
The Utilities “Flint” Engineer and Mixer-2012
Jesse and the Dandelions “Time and Space” Engineer and Producer – 2012
Brenna Lowrie’s “The Body Electric” Engineer and Mixer-2012
Drew Erickson’s “The Happy Sky EP” Engineer, Producer, and Mixer – 2012
Herky Cutler’s “Love is like a Chicken” Engineer-2011
Church’s “Live EP” Engineer and Mixer-2011
The Record Holder’s “To Sea EP” Engineer and Mixer-2011
Jesse and the Dandelions “The Lions Tooth” Engineer – 2010
The Burn Ins “Laser Jesus” Engineer and Mixer-2010
The Necessities “Forbidden Fruit” Engineer and Mixer-2010
Amy Bronson’s “Energized and Fascinated EP” Engineer and Mixer-2009
Lois Timms’ “Wind Through The Olive Trees” Engineer and Mixer-2008

Film and Television
“Livestock Online” – Alberta Music Concert Series – Producer – 12 Episodes
“Thousand Yard Stare” Boom Operator (Feature Film)
“Prairie Sessions” Producer/Videographer/Audio Engineer (Monthly)- 5 episodes
“Intimidate Me” Sound Design/Music Composition/Mixer (Short Film) – 2012
“The Medic” Sound Design/Musical Score/Mixer/ADR/ (Feature Film)- 2012
“Jaded” Sound Design/Musical Score/Mixer-2011 (Short Film)
“To Free My Soul” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer-2011 (Short Film)
“Dilemma” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer/Composer-2010 (Short Film)
“The Overture” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer/Composer-2011 (Short Film)
“Hoodoo Voodoo” Sound Design/Mixer/Composer/Music Director-2010 (Feature Film)
“High School Brawl” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer -2010 (Short Film)
“Family Restaurant” Sound Designer/Foley-2010-2011(1 Season) (Television)
“X-Weighted”  Sound Designer/Foley-2009-2010(2 Seasons) (Television)
“The Greatest Auto Race on Earth” Assistant Sound Design- 2008 (Documentary)

Composer for U of L 45 Anniversary Theme- 2011
Composer for Science Foundation of Alberta’s Edacity Theme – 2012
Composer of U of L Supporting our Students Campaign – 2012

Jesse Northey