About Us

Dandelion Music Group is an Alberta/Ontario based music company run by Jesse Northey

Jesse Northey is an active participant in the Edmonton music community where he currently resides. A mobile lifestyle has Jesse bouncing between Toronto, Edmonton, and music conferences around the world.

For years Jesse primarily worked as recording engineer and producer for bands across Western Canada but soon fell into other music jobs as his interest for the music industry has grown. Jesse worked as the Program Manager at Alberta Music for 2017 and has since started his own music company, Dandelion Music Group. 

Northey is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge where he studied music and the art of recording, and digital audio (Bachelor of Music - Digital Audio Arts) in addition to his time spent in Toronto taking the Canada's Music Incubator Music Management program. This training has given him the skills to be a mentor to artists at all steps of their journey, as well as broadening his own professional musical perspective.

Jesse is well versed in grant writing, marketing plans, radio mail-outs, and general music business strategy.He also the front-man and writer for the band Jesse and the Dandelions who recently released a new psychedelic-pop record called Give Up The Gold (2018)

Whether he's working as a live broadcast engineer for CKUA, producing the band Major Love in his home studio, or program managing Project Wild 2017, his diverse set of jobs keep him tune with the broader music scene and puts him in the position of being a great resource to those looking to produce music, or move themselves forward in their career.

 Since the start of 2018, Jesse has secured over 150 000 in grant money for clients such as Melted Mirror, Scenic Route To Alaska, Amy Nelson, Faith Healer, and countless more. He's building infrastructure for the Alberta music community, and is working towards being an effective artist manager, and facilitator of international showcases.