recent dandelion projects

Jesse and the Dandelions – Give Up The Gold (Producer/Artist)
Jesse and the Dandelions – Give Up The Gold (Producer/Artist)
The Utilities – Heavy South – Producer and Recording Engineer
Faith Healer – Grant Writing
The Betrayers – 12 Songs To Haunt You (Engineer/Mixer)
Brenna Lowrie – Hungry Ghost (Engineer/Producer/Mixer)
Diamond Mind – Heavy Metal Sunshine (Co-Prouducer/Engineer)

what dandelion clients say...

Mark Berg

Jesse has a passion for a variety of genres and has helped me develop a personal game plan for my music. Because of his advice I have been able to get funding for past tours and now have a better understanding of the inner workings of different grants.

Casio Tone

Super helpful and friendly consulting, eager to pull back the curtain on what can be a mystifying and frustrating industry.

Eric Drader

Jesse gave me my first recording experience in his studio! His wealth of knowledge and broad skill set have kept me coming back to him for nearly a decade. Jesse has always been able to listen to what it is I'm wanting to achieve with my music, and give me the guidance or help me get there. He has recorded many songs for me, and I will keep coming back to him because he has proven that I can trust him, as well as his abilities.

Cayley Thomas

Jesse is superb. You can’t find a better guy, I swear to god. Jesse is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to the music industry and without his support I wouldn’t have even known where to begin with the grant writing process. Since approaching Jesse in August 2016 I have now had three successful applications.

Hire this guy! He’s simply the best.

Alex Vissia

I really do have to attribute the success of my AFA Marketing grant application to the help I received from Jesse. Grant writing can be such an overwhelming prospect for many artists, but with Jesse’s guidance, I was able to find clarity within the process and effectively communicate my plans and goals. Jesse gets artists’ concerns and understands the passion behind these projects – because he IS an artist. That’s what makes Jesse such a winning candidate when it comes to considering who to go to for help with any aspect of your music project. He genuinely cares and can’t wait to see you succeed!

Dean Kheroufi

Jesse has been extremely helpful with any question I've had about navigating the music industry. Because of the knowledge I've received from Dandelion music group I've been able to fund multiple projects through grants.

Kristina To

Jesse is a wealth of knowledge. Not only is it clear that he has researched countless topics within the industry and knows his stuff, he’s also extremely passionate about the music industry. Highly recommend speaking with him, I guarantee you’ll learn something new and gain wonderful insight! He’s also super that’s a bonus.